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Intro to Physical Computing - Week 10

November 07, 2018

I have two final physical computing projects I’ve been thinking about and researching over the past few days. A brief office hours discussion with Danny led me to the primary goal of my final project — pursue a project that challenges me to learn more about the physical aspect of physical computing. I want to focus on the physical, the electronic, the circuit building because I already have a background in software engineering. So here are my two competing ideas:

Proposal 1 - Automated Microgreen Watering System

automatic watering, data collection and app? some kind of visualization with it… connecting the physical with the digital.


  • dc motor water pump (or Electric Solenoid Valve Water)
  • moisture sensor
  • arduino nano
  • wifi module?
  • LCD to show current data?



  • gopro timelapse?

Proposal 2 - Breathalyzer Jukebox


  • built into beer glass, or bottle opener
  • prevent drunk posting, social media account lock out
  • jukebox, recommends songs

would need to temper, smooth out sensor inputs


  • MQ-3 alcohol sensor (15 min warm up)
  • LCD monitor? or oLED


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