Yo, this is Adrian.

I build, code, film, and eat things.
Currently a master's student at NYU ITP.

Selected work, projects, and experiments

I have over 5 years of full-stack software engineering experience with startups and digital product teams. I'm currently experimenting with physical computing, digital and analog electronic sound, machine learning, and basic biotechnology at school.

Below are samples of my professional, school, and personal work:

ChatBotany Winter Show Demo


A Facebook Messenger chatbot connected to a Raspberry Pi that uses soil moisture data and can be watered through the chat interface.

Screen capture of MaxMSP with FacePredictor trigger

Max Sound Machine Learning

A Max patch experiment that uses a FacePredictor machine learning model to trigger different samples over OSC protocol.

Demo MIDI instrument

Digital Maracas

A demo MIDI instrument built with an Arduino MKR 1010 and ADXL 335 accelerometer that plays percussion notes based on the shaking direction.

GA Profiles landing page

GA Profiles

A Ruby on Rails application that connects General Assembly's (GA) global alumni network with potential employers and helps scale outcomes operations.

Two Person Authentication (2PA)

Two Person Authentication (2PA)

A USB Human Interface Device (HID) built with an Arduino MKR 1010 that requires two users to coordinate the submission of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) codes.

ML Maracas

Machine Maracas

A Node.js Express application that allows multiple clients to send device orientation data over Websockets and other clients to use that collective data as inputs.

Neurofit Jr. hero

Neurofit Jr.

A speculative design project for a child transcranial neurohacking device based on existing research that also explores its ethical implications.

So Where's Home documentary title card

So Where's Home?

A short documentary that explores the unique identity of “third culture kids” (TCKs) and has over 250K views from 150+ countries.

Screen capture of Cupid Tinder AR demo

Cupid Tinder

An augmented reality (AR) demo project built with Unity and Vuforia that uses Tinder screenshots as its image target.

Urban Beekeeping documentary still

Urban Beekeeping: NYC

A short documentary that showcases two beekeepers and their stories of beekeeping in New York City’s urban environment.

Foursquare Restaurant Grade iPython Notebook screen capture

Foursquare Restaurant Grades

A Python data science project that explores the relationship between Foursquare reviews and New York restaurant sanitary inspection grades.

Sample slide from Web Development: Lets Break It Down workshop

Web Development: Let's Break It Down

An example slide deck from one of the introductory programming workshops I used to teach after work or on weekends.