Yo, this is Adrian.

I build, code, film, and eat things.
Recent graduate of NYU ITP.

Portfolio Sample

Public Message screenshot

Public Message

A mobile web browser-based augmented reality, locality, and public dialogue experiment

Face expression prediction on Tom Igoe


NYU ITP graduate thesis project using affect recognition technology to reflect on the consequences of black box systems

CRISPR detective game demo

CRISPR Detective

Interactive museum exhibit experience about CRISPR built in collaboration with Dr. Neville Sanjana and the Sanjana Lab

ChatBotany screenshot


A conversational user interface and physical computing system for plants

2PA device inputs

2 Person Authentication

A human interface device designed to physically require two people to enter 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) codes

Photo from live NIME performance

Remixing Tinikling

NIME 2019 live performance of the traditional Filipino folk dance remixed through wireless motion sensor inputs

Jim Cramer's face on Jason Statham

Deep Fake News Exercise

Synthetic media experiments that swap Jim Cramer and Jason Statham to understand Deepfakes and their ramifications for fake news

Example slide from Web Dev Breakdown workshop

Classes & Workshops

Previously taught lessons that introduce programming and web development basics to general audiences

So Where's Home title screen

So Where's Home

Georgetown FMST undergraduate thesis documentary on Third Culture Kid (TCK) identity

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