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Critical Communications - Week 2

April 08, 2020

This week’s assignment was to use the Radio Reference and investigate the frequencies used in a geographic location. I picked the Las Vegas metro area because it’s hotspot for tourism/hospitality and the location of one of the largest colocation data centers in America.

Some example frequency licenses and their uses:

  • WPPC427 is used by the Las Vegas Water Valley District to monitor reservoir, water pump, and system services on a frequency band ranging from 460~465 MHz.
  • KFN595 is used by the Las Vegas Convention Center security to coordinate operations on a frequency band ranging from 153~158 MHz.
  • WPUK341 is used by the Las Vegas Metro Police Deparatment for car-to-car communication on a frequency of around 153 MHZ.

There is also a list of trunked radio systems which are the ”computer-controlled” radio systems in use in the area. An interesting Las Vegas trunked system is the Bellagio Hotel and Casino operating on a primary control channel frequency of ~937 MHz with sub talkgroups allocated to hotel security, housekeeping, casino operations, and more.

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