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Big LEDs - Week 7

May 08, 2019

For the final assignment in Big LEDs, Aaron asked us to propose and design an LED stairwell installation based on this venue. Below are details for my proposal:


Runway is an LED installation inspired by the approach lighting systems used in airport runways and landing strips. I thought it would be fun to play with the “runway” theme given the venue is normally used for fashion shows.




Guests entering the venue first see the “approach lights” near their feet. These approach lights are a strip of LED pixel tape attached along the wall about 7.375” from the step floor (same height as each step). The lights are animated like aircraft approach lights with a brightness pulse that increases in frequency as more guests pass the Photoelectric Tripwire Sensor at the halfway stair landing. This increasing pulse indicates how many guests are currently downstairs in the venue. To match the venue and runway asethetic, white or slightly off-white colors will be used in the approach lights.

Guests then see a “touchdown zone” LED matrix suspended above that mirrors patterns seen on runway landing strips. This matrix will feature more colors including red and yellow and animate on a loop.

Plan View


Section View


Riser Diagram


Bill of Materials


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