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Citizen Science - Week 9

October 31, 2018

I appreciate that some of the first sentences on Yeast Art’s process page is this:

The goal of the Yeast Art Project is to connect individuals to the process of scientific exploration.

The project gives us the opportunity to visualized many of the essential processes in basic biology research.

I appreciate this because Boeke Lab is trying to make scientific concepts accessible and fun for a general, mass population through painting with genetically modified yeast. The prevalence of fake news and misinformation online, particularily on scientific concepts (e.g. climate change denial), I believe is exacerbated by a lack of exposure or disinterest in science. Projects like Yeast Art have the capability to be the education gateway for people who didn’t think science could be interesting or relevant to their lives. That accessibility and eye-opening trait is something I hope my final project, Neurofit Jr, can recreate by exposing a larger community to the pros/cons of current tDCS technology and sparking a conversation on the ethics of “hacking” our neurological functions. Here is a snapshot from last class where the ideation workshop led to the Neurofit Jr idea:

mind map

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